Write On

Write On blog post by Iris Carden Writing is a type of magic. Marks on a page transfer ideas from one person’s mind to another’s. I read that on social media once, and it resonated with me. One of the things I love about writing is that I can create a world have absolutely anything…… Continue reading Write On

The Week in Review

The Week in Review What I’ve Written Sunday: Hand The strange tale of Evelyn who discovered dreams could become nightmares. Monday: Countess Something terrible has happened to a member of the Human Defence Unit staff. Fortunately, the Countess Anastasia Arafami is here to help. Tuesday: Gone to Sea Father has gone to sea, leaving his…… Continue reading The Week in Review

The Week in Review

The Week in Review Sunday: Blogiversary This blog is a year old. Monday: Fog The strange tale of Carmel who intended to take expert advice, but then didn’t. Tuesday: Save Daddy Human Defence Unit Senior Agent Jo Burns is dreaming about her dead daughter. Wednesday: Clouds Troubles gather like clouds Thursday: Gingerbread It’s all gone…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Blogiversary by Iris Carden This coming Wednesday, this blog will turn one year old. On the first of February last year, I closed down the three previous blogs, I’d worked on for a decade. One was about lupus awareness, one about pets, and one about creative writing. My vision was for a single blog, in…… Continue reading Blogiversary

The Week in Review

The Week in Review by Iris Carden What I’ve Written Sunday: Questions I finished the Orsinius Wishlet stories quite neatly, I thought, then I started to wonder. Could Ariana, Orsinius and their friends just get on with their lives? Or would another adventure inevitably find them? Monday: Bloody Mary The strange tale of Rachael, who…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Questions blog post by Iris Carden A couple of days ago I finished writing Aftermath and thought that neatly finished Orsinius Wishlet and his friends’ series of stories. I thought I was going to put them aside for ever. Between writing and publishing the story, though, I started to wonder about that. Certainly, they’ve saved…… Continue reading Questions

The Week in Review

The Week in Review Sunday: From Pantser to Planner I used to write by the seat of my pants. Since publishing weekly on this blog, I’ve learned the value of a plan. Monday: Trouble Orsinius Wishlet has unexpected house guests. Things are not going well. Tuesday: Ransom Lady Justice has gone to pay the ransom…… Continue reading The Week in Review