Pixie short story by Iris Carden I was writing the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper. It was a ball-point pen, so not all that old-fashioned. As I wrote, something strange happened with my previous paragraph. the ink seemed to melt from its place on the lined page, pool and pull together. Then it shaped…… Continue reading Pixie

200 Posts

200 Posts blog post by Iris Carden On Thursday, this blog reached 200 posts, since I started it on the first of February. I was hesitant at first, trying to bring together the three different blogs I had in the past, and knowing I would lose some readers. However, I think the change has “worked”…… Continue reading 200 Posts

The Week in Review

What I’ve been Writing Sunday: Never Forget your First The story of my first forays into writing stories and poetry. This is where I fell in love with writing. Monday: The World’s a Stage When you’re being chased by an armed criminal, you use what ever advantage you have. Tuesday: The Rebels A group of…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Imposter Blog post by Iris Carden This week I ordered some business cards, because people sometimes ask where they can find my stories, and in that situation it’s easiest to just hand over a piece of card. As I described myself on the cards as “author”, I started to wonder; do I really have any…… Continue reading Imposter