Full Moon

Full Moon short story by Iris Carden Jo Burns looked up at the full moon.  It looked closer, bigger than it ever had before. There’d been a time when she’d thought the moon beautiful, romantic, even.  That seemed like  a lifetime ago, before her daughter’s death, before she’d discovered a world hidden from humans, before…… Continue reading Full Moon


Grey short story by Iris Carden Grey, everything was in a gradient of grey. From the pale nearly white glowing moon, to the almost black depths of the shadow under the trees. Something kept irritating the edge of her consciousness. Something that said it wasn’t always grey, something that hinted there was something she had…… Continue reading Grey

Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer short story by Iris Carden Ramona sighed and rubbed her temples. She was working with Scott again. His enthusiasm for police work was unbounded and his self confidence was unfounded. She looked at the scene. Both victims were most definitely dead. Their hands and feet were tied with cable ties to the dining…… Continue reading Vampire Killer