Creature short story by Iris Carden It was Trainee Agent Harry Smythe’s first day back at work after extended sick leave.* He felt weird putting a bag of blood in the lunch room fridge, but was determined to work as normal. The first person he saw was Andrew Harrison, assistant to the pathologist.  Andrew, unable…… Continue reading Creature


Countess short story by Iris Carden HDU Trainee Agent Harry Smythe woke from what seemed an incredibly deep sleep.  As his eyes struggled to focus, his brain registered the letter A, nothing else. “Wha…” he struggled to say. “You’re safe now,” a soft female voice said. He drifted back to sleep again and eventually woke…… Continue reading Countess

Save Daddy

Save Daddy short story by Iris Carden HDU Senior Agent Jo Burns was running down the labyrinthine corridors, with unnamed doors, of the HDU, chasing a little girl who was wearing a red hooded cloak. As the girl disappeared around the corner at the end of the corridor, her deceased daughter’s voice came to her:…… Continue reading Save Daddy


Busybody short story by Iris Carden Settle in, dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Agnes, who loved to mind everyone else’s business, but learned not everyone puts up with busybodies. At sixty-five, Agnes finally retired from her factory job, sold the house she’d inherited from her parents, which was too big…… Continue reading Busybody

Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer short story by Iris Carden Ramona sighed and rubbed her temples. She was working with Scott again. His enthusiasm for police work was unbounded and his self confidence was unfounded. She looked at the scene. Both victims were most definitely dead. Their hands and feet were tied with cable ties to the dining…… Continue reading Vampire Killer

Don’t You Remember?

Don’t You Remember? short story by Iris Carden. “Don’t you remember?” Sasha asked, “The Master told you we’d have a party, for your anniversary. A hundred years in the blood is a milestone.” Bella looked out the window at the expensive cars pulling into the driveway, disgorging their extravagantly dressed, repulsively undead, cargo. “I remember…… Continue reading Don’t You Remember?

Vampire’s Kiss

Vampire’s Kiss poem by Iris Carden Awaking from a fevered dream, a memory of mesmerising eyes, a voice, low and strong fading into the night. Lethargy. Overwhelming fatigue. Two small wounds on pale skin, so much paler than before. Blood smear on the pillow. Confusion. A sense of dread desire for something unknown. A window…… Continue reading Vampire’s Kiss