Inheritance short story by Iris Carden Settle in dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Jane, who received an amazing inheritance, but quickly found it wasn’t as good as it sounded. Jane’s mother, Melissa, had never talked about her family, except to say she’d run away as a teenager and was never…… Continue reading Inheritance


Memories short story by Iris Carden The funerals were over.  Jo had convinced both Harry’s parents and Kurt’s wife, of the wisdom of cremation.  She’d even suggested where to scatter their ashes, scatter being the important part. She hoped her colleagues were able to rest in peace, a thing never completely guaranteed with vampires. Jo…… Continue reading Memories


Sulphur short story by Iris Carden “Well that’s a new one on me,” Senior Agent Jo Burns said, looking down at the vaguely human-shaped pile of yellow dust, noticing the grass around it was dead and burned. Trainee Agent Kate Murdoch gagged. “Rotten egg.  Sometimes having a super-sensitive nose isn’t helpful.” “Sulphur,” Jo said, “Can’t…… Continue reading Sulphur


Statue short story by Iris Carden It was a strange find. A mining company was expanding their mine in western Queensland, and the area included a particular cave. When the company was doing its environmental and cultural studies, they found that local indigenous people were absolutely against the destruction of the cave.  They said there…… Continue reading Statue