Nice Guy

Nice Guy poem by Iris Carden He was a Nice Guy so the bruises when they were showed, were tiny, just fingerprints. A Nice Guy would never hit a woman, so he just yelled at unexpected times and grabbed her very hard instead. He was a Nice Guy so when she complained he would buy…… Continue reading Nice Guy

The End of the Day

The End of the Day Short story by Iris Carden “Always take time at the end of the day,” Katie’s mother used to say. “Spend some time reflecting, sorting things out, making sense of everything. There’s never enough time while things are actually happening. So take some time at the end of the day.” So…… Continue reading The End of the Day

Then and Now

Then and Now Poem by Iris Carden “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or so the old saying said. Sometimes, what doesn’t kill you just makes you wish you were dead. She’d always tried to be nice concerned with how others felt. She’d never been as concerned with protecting herself. She’d given and given…… Continue reading Then and Now