Witch Finder

Witch Finder Short story by Iris Carden Age and illness had taken their toll, and now the witch finder was lying on his deathbed. He faced the inevitable without fear, knowing he had done well in his calling. He was guaranteed Heaven. A dear friend, the angel who’d guided him throughout his work, appeared to…… Continue reading Witch Finder

Lance and Arthur

Lance sat at the table with a dozen or so of his closest friends. He didn’t actually like any of them, but it was called “networking”. Everyone would get together and pretend they did not detest each other, because each of these people could be of use at some time.

Not on the Menu

This little story takes place in the 1960s, around the beginning of the second wave of feminism in Australia. Not on the Menu Short story by Iris Carden Elsie saw them through the café window.  “Oh not them again,” she groaned. “Not who?” asked Margaret. “Those three, with the excess Brylcreem and the loud ties.”…… Continue reading Not on the Menu


Archibald Clark spat his coffee over the computer screen.His long-suffering wife Marigold went to the kitchen for a dishcloth to clean up the mess.  “It was never a good idea for you to read the newspaper at the breakfast table when it was a paper.  It’s an even worse idea now that it’s on the net,” she said.