The Week in Review

What I’ve Written Sunday: It’s A Long Way It’s a long way from a lupus flare to “normal”. Monday: Disposal Got a body you want to get rid of unofficially? Your friendly neighbourhood funeral director can help. Tuesday: She Said, He Said A short story from two points of view. Wednesday: Mushrooms Poem recalling the…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer short story by Iris Carden Ramona sighed and rubbed her temples. She was working with Scott again. His enthusiasm for police work was unbounded and his self confidence was unfounded. She looked at the scene. Both victims were most definitely dead. Their hands and feet were tied with cable ties to the dining…… Continue reading Vampire Killer


Downsizing short story by Iris Carden Elsie hated moving, but now the children were grown and out on their own, the family home was far too big for her alone. That’s why she’d bought the little two-bedroom Queenslander she’d seen for sale for a ridiculously low price. Perhaps she should have questioned why the seller…… Continue reading Downsizing

Don’t You Remember?

Don’t You Remember? short story by Iris Carden. “Don’t you remember?” Sasha asked, “The Master told you we’d have a party, for your anniversary. A hundred years in the blood is a milestone.” Bella looked out the window at the expensive cars pulling into the driveway, disgorging their extravagantly dressed, repulsively undead, cargo. “I remember…… Continue reading Don’t You Remember?


Witch short story by Iris Carden Ariana Sutton and her friend and employee Orsinius Wishlet had coffee together most mornings before opening Ariana’s hair salon. This morning Ariana told her friend about a strange experience of the night before. “I dreamed, well I think it was a dream, about a strange old woman being in…… Continue reading Witch

The Job

The Job short story by Iris Carden Cassandra needed a job, and a housekeeping job on a remote island off the Queensland coast would give her the chance to enjoy the beach in her down time. Her first sense that the job might not be as great as it appeared, was when she found there…… Continue reading The Job