Aftermath short story by Iris Carden It is a strange group of beings who are gathered in the burrow on the border between reality and unreality. There is Orsinius Wishlet, a wisp, short and bald with over-large pointed ears. He is a reformed kleptomaniac, and a hoarder, and this burrow, his home, is cluttered with…… Continue reading Aftermath

A Strange Request

A Strange Request short story by Iris Carden The tall, gaunt woman in the long black dress swept through the quiet outer Brisbane street.  She smiled slightly on overhearing a youthful voice say, “Boomer goth.” The teenager had no idea. Entering the nondescript bookshop, the woman ignored the bored cashier and walked purposefully to the…… Continue reading A Strange Request


Listen to this post as a podcast Rock short story by Iris Carden Settle in, dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Paula, who thought her opinion mattered more than anyone else’s. Paula was famous, mostly for expressing herself very loudly and offensively. Her long-suffering assistant Carol did her best to regulate…… Continue reading Rock


Wine short story by Iris Carden I had ten bodies in cold storage at the time, all from the legit side of the business. Ten bodies. Three families. Three cars. One accident. One Christmas party. God knows how many bottles of plonk. Thee funerals each of multiple family members between Christmas and New Year. Merry…… Continue reading Wine


Yowie short story by Iris Carden Trainee Agent Harry Smythe arrived into the office early, and was shocked to discover a large ape-like creature mopping the office floor. He stood frozen to the spot, staring at the creature, not knowing what he should do. Agent Marissa Tyler arrived. “Still working?” she said to the creature.…… Continue reading Yowie


Green short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns received a phone call from the HDU’s police contact Inspector David Webber. “We’ve got a lost child for you,” David said. “When did we become responsible for lost children?” Jo asked. “When the kid’s green.” “Green?” “Green. Green skin. Green hair. Green eyes. Speaks, but…… Continue reading Green