Spring Cleaning

Short Story by Iris Carden Out damn spot! Karen groaned, and rolled over. Lady Macbeth. She was thinking of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth awake in the middle of the night, trying to clean away her guilt. How could you wash away guilt? Not when the red blood was running down the walls of the house…… Continue reading Spring Cleaning


Big ISP Short story by Iris Carden I started my holiday unpaid internship at Big ISP, with no real idea what I’d be doing. I really didn’t expect I’d be doing this. Today, I’m reading a woman’s personal journal. It’s one of those apps that you share across your devices, so it’s stored on the…… Continue reading Big ISP

Who is Your Leader?

Who is Your Leader? Short story by Iris Carden I did my preparation for this assignment. I observed that backward planet for ages. I monitored all their transmissions, both audio and visual. I learned their language, and how they dressed. I even tried their recreational hallucinogenics to try to understand them better. When I was…… Continue reading Who is Your Leader?