Save Us

Save Us short story by Iris Carden “We can do it,” Suzie said, “just the way Grandma said.” “She used clay. We haven’t got clay,” Sally answered, keeping her voice quiet, so no-one outside the room might hear. “We’ve got plasticine. That’s like clay,” Suzie said. “That can’t work, can it? Doesn’t it have to…… Continue reading Save Us


Cassowary short story by Iris Carden Greg hated the zoo.  He only worked there because there was nothing else available. He wasn’t naturally a social person, and having to smile and answer dumb questions people asked really got on his nerves. Today was an especially bad day.  He’d finally asked Kaitlin out.  She’d turned him…… Continue reading Cassowary


Cindy short story by Iris Carden A long time ago, in a place far, far away…  No. Sadly no. This wasn’t long ago, at all, and not all that far away. It’s the story of Cindy Castarella, no, not Cinderella, although their stories were strangely similar. Cindy was exhausted.  Caring for two children, doing housework,…… Continue reading Cindy


Fake short story by Iris Carden The body was lying face down, half covered in overgrown grass. “Council workers clearing the overgrown creek area found the body. When they realised what it was they stopped work and called triple zero.” Inspector David Webber said. “What makes you think it’s one of ours?” HDU Senior Agent…… Continue reading Fake


Nymph short story by Iris Carden My job at the museum was “exhibits co-ordinator”.  That didn’t mean I got to plan what exhibits were coming or going.  That was the work of the Director, who doubled as Curator.  No, my job was just to receive incoming and despatch outgoing exhibits, and to  display them in…… Continue reading Nymph


Designer short story by Iris Carden Settle in, dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Adelaide, who made her living doing something she loved, but who dreamed of greater success. Adelaide made dresses, not ordinary dresses, but beautiful, amazing, incredible dresses, that always drew attention. She made the kind of dresses that…… Continue reading Designer