Then and Now

Then and Now Poem by Iris Carden “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or so the old saying said. Sometimes, what doesn’t kill you just makes you wish you were dead. She’d always tried to be nice concerned with how others felt. She’d never been as concerned with protecting herself. She’d given and given…… Continue reading Then and Now

Week in Review

What I’ve been writing Sunday Cold Weather A blog post about the effects of cold weather on lupus. (Spoiler: it’s nothing good.) I also submitted my Furious Fiction entry, but I can’t that story with you until after the judging. Monday The Golden Orb In this short story a woman learns that a weird family…… Continue reading Week in Review

Winter’s Tale

Winter’s Tale Poem by Iris Carden I want to stay in bed today, the morning’s way too cold. The aches and pains are telling me my body’s getting old. Autumn went by so very fast and winter’s taking hold. A rainy, dismal winter, now my house is full of mould. There’s a possum in my…… Continue reading Winter’s Tale

Lupus Bites

Lupus Bites Poem by Iris Carden Days of fatigue nights full of pain Lupus is snarling as she slinks back again. I live with the wolf, she says in my ear, Your life is now mine, I’ll always be here. She takes such delight in tormenting her prey and oh what surprises she brings day…… Continue reading Lupus Bites