Journey poem by Iris Carden Life is a journey, so I’ve heard, but no-one said which way to turn. So many choices, so much stress! I didn’t get my map or GPS! Forward or back or here or there. Am I getting someplace, or going nowhere? There’s choices to make each day, week and year,…… Continue reading Journey

The Week in Review

What I’ve written Sunday: The Dream of a Cure Lupus patients dream of a cure. Recent research may bring us a step closer. Monday: Money Someone has run off with your friendly local funeral director’s ill-gotten gains. Fortunately, that deluxe coffin has a lot of space. Tuesday: Movie A very silly little story about two…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Dust poem by Iris Carden “Dust you are and to dust you will return.” I am dust. I am carbon and hydrogen and oxygen and iron and calcium and nitrogen and phosphorus. I am the stuff of soil and rock, of plants and trees and animals, of water and air. I am the stuff of…… Continue reading Dust

Wishing Well

Wishing Well poem by Iris Carden Make a wish and throw a coin into the wishing well. Will your wishes come true? Only time can tell. Will you wish to help a friend? Will you wish for wars to end? Will you wish for cash to spend? Will you wish a rift to mend? Just…… Continue reading Wishing Well

The Week in Review

What I’ve Written Sunday: It’s A Long Way It’s a long way from a lupus flare to “normal”. Monday: Disposal Got a body you want to get rid of unofficially? Your friendly neighbourhood funeral director can help. Tuesday: She Said, He Said A short story from two points of view. Wednesday: Mushrooms Poem recalling the…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Mushrooms poem by Iris Carden Wild mushrooms will appear in the damp earth after rain. They might be gone for ages, when it’s rained they’re back again. If you step on a mushroom you may hear a satisfying pop, might see fungal explosion, and see no reason to stop. Don’t step on that mushroom that…… Continue reading Mushrooms

Nice Guy

Nice Guy poem by Iris Carden He was a Nice Guy so the bruises when they were showed, were tiny, just fingerprints. A Nice Guy would never hit a woman, so he just yelled at unexpected times and grabbed her very hard instead. He was a Nice Guy so when she complained he would buy…… Continue reading Nice Guy

The Edge

The Edge poem by Iris Carden Everything important has an edge, trust and truth, responsibility, legality, and morality. Some are cautious and stay well back while others forgo their safety. Those who get closer to the edge, will find that they can see: the view is better, the risk is greater. One jump and you…… Continue reading The Edge

The Week in Review

What I’ve written this week Sunday: The Source of the Stories My answer to the question of where stories come from. Monday: Fangs When you’re hunting vampires, any mistake can be fatal (or worse). Tuesday: The Garden Continuing the Mars series of stories, three people have begun to grow food on Mars. Wednesday: Old Books…… Continue reading The Week in Review