Shelter poem by Iris Carden Who will be your shelter in the storms of life? Who will protect you from toil and strife? Who will keep you safe, and guard you from all harm? Who will be your anchor in times of alarm? Have you learned the secret? Have you heard the word. How to…… Continue reading Shelter


Sleep poem by Iris Carden I’m lying in bed with a cat on my head and the dog by my side has gotten quite wide. I’m trying to sleep but the company I keep feels more secure when closer than near. I could give them a shove, but I accept their love and submit to…… Continue reading Sleep

To My Younger Self

To my Younger Self poem by Iris Carden Life is hard right now, and it will get harder, but the road’s not at an end, you’ll go much farther. You have been told you are weak and a fool, no-one can care about someone like you, no-one could care, or value your heart, but really…… Continue reading To My Younger Self

Another Day

Another Day poem by Iris Carden As I try to fall asleep, I pick apart the day. The things I’ve got wrong, the mistakes I’ve made. I think what I ought’ve done to avoid it going wrong. How I always seem so weak when I mean to be strong. I think back days and years…… Continue reading Another Day

Old Toys

Old Toys poem by Iris Carden New toys bring happiness and giggles of great joy when they’re newly given to excited girls and boys. But old toys have a story the things that they can tell. About the change and growth of the person they know well. The toy who kept you safe from the…… Continue reading Old Toys


Grace poem by Iris Carden She maintains an air of subtle, gentle, grace. No matter the event no matter what the pace. Nothing ever seems to interrupt her calm even if others panic, even if there’s an alarm. She glides through life with poise and with elegance. She never does a thing to cause someone…… Continue reading Grace

Another Earth

Another Earth poem by Iris Carden Suppose we found another Earth somewhere out in space. Would we care for it better than we’ve done with this place? Suppose it was all growing green with blue and pristine, seas. Could we minimise our impact as we made it meet our needs? Would we make the same…… Continue reading Another Earth


Clouds poem by Iris Carden Troubles gather like clouds From nowhere Slowly at first Building up Darkening the sky Coming faster Ominous Threatening Dangerous A friend Who listens Who hears Who understands Helps find solutions Interrupts the storm Sunlight through the clouds


Windmill poem by Iris Carden Soft breeze blows Blades turn slowly Metal groans quietly Pump reaches down Deep into arid earth Treasure from aquifer Water brings life Life to cattle Life to ground Life to birds Life to wildlife Life to the outback