Can’t it Wait until Morning?

Humans are the strangest creatures, don’t you think? Take my Mum for example. During the day, when I mostly just sleep and eat, Mum’s up. She’s writing things. She’s watching TV. She’s taking my doggy sister Fanta for a walk. She’s just constantly doing stuff when it’s sleeping time! Then at night, when it’s time to play, she and Fanta just both go to bed.

The Midnight Visitor

A story from three points of view, by Iris Carden Fanta’s Story Hello Everyone, Something happened the other night.  It was a long time after bed time, but still a long time until breakfast.  I heard a croak, and knew a frog had got into the art room. (It’s happened before.) I woke up Mum.…… Continue reading The Midnight Visitor

A New Beginning

Up until now, I’ve had multiple blogs. You might recognise them. was my short story and book review site. was my blog about pets was my blog about living with lupus Chronic illness is a monster, and lately I have found managing multiple websites just too much of a challenge. So I…… Continue reading A New Beginning