The Week in Review

What I’ve been Writing Sunday: Never Forget your First The story of my first forays into writing stories and poetry. This is where I fell in love with writing. Monday: The World’s a Stage When you’re being chased by an armed criminal, you use what ever advantage you have. Tuesday: The Rebels A group of…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Jane’s Bond

Jane’s Bond Short story by Iris Carden “Next!” The Gatekeeper called. The line moved forward one place. “Name?” The Gatekeeper asked. “Bond,” said a voice down near the Gatekeeper’s feet. “Jane’s Bond.” “Bond,” the Gatekeeper knelt down. “I’m sure Jane gave you that name for just such a moment as this. Who’s a good dog?…… Continue reading Jane’s Bond

Week in Review

What I’ve been writing Sunday Cold Weather A blog post about the effects of cold weather on lupus. (Spoiler: it’s nothing good.) I also submitted my Furious Fiction entry, but I can’t that story with you until after the judging. Monday The Golden Orb In this short story a woman learns that a weird family…… Continue reading Week in Review