Abandoned by Fantasia Dog I’m an abandoned dog. At least I was abandoned. I’m not now, but I was. I knew it was going to happen. If you look at the photo, you can see me wearing my worried expression. I was worried, because the human was putting on some of her “going out without…… Continue reading Abandoned

Splendid Isolation

Photo of Bumpy, a black and white cat, edited into a drawing of a room with a purple mat and pink curtains. Caption reads: "She drew pictures of places I could be an only cat."

Splendid Isolation by Mr Bumpy Cat Hello out there in the Bloggosphere, I am an old cat and I like my personal space. Upstairs I live with just my upstairs human, but sometimes I go downstairs where the downstairs human lives with Fanta and Princess. The problem with downstairs, is that I don’t always want…… Continue reading Splendid Isolation