The Garden

The Garden short story by Iris Carden Carla woke up.  Where was she? The walls were white.  The sheets on the bed were white. She was in a white nightdress. The person leaning over her was dressed in white. “Oh good. You’re awake,” the woman said. “Where am I?” Carla asked. “What do you remember?”…… Continue reading The Garden

Save Daddy

Save Daddy short story by Iris Carden HDU Senior Agent Jo Burns was running down the labyrinthine corridors, with unnamed doors, of the HDU, chasing a little girl who was wearing a red hooded cloak. As the girl disappeared around the corner at the end of the corridor, her deceased daughter’s voice came to her:…… Continue reading Save Daddy

They Do Not Exist

They Do Not Exist short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns read the email alert, sent from the police station five storeys above her head. Three victims, all with neck wounds, all exsanguinated. She replied with instructions for the bodies to be moved to the HDU mortuary, and the police investigation to cease…… Continue reading They Do Not Exist

Creating a Ghost

Creating a Ghost short story by Iris Carden The lecturer stood in front of the class of about thirty students. Beside him was a figure that could have been seated human, covered completely with a painter’s canvas drop-cloth. “Throughout your studies you have learned about almost all aspects of the paranormal. You’ve studied everything from…… Continue reading Creating a Ghost