Tiffany and What We Think We Know

Listen to this post as a podcast. Tiffany and What We Think We Know by Iris Carden The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.” -Mark Twain I’ve been reading a bit about the “Tiffany Problem” lately.   The term was coined by author Jo Walton to describe the…… Continue reading Tiffany and What We Think We Know

Witch Finder

Witch Finder Short story by Iris Carden Age and illness had taken their toll, and now the witch finder was lying on his deathbed. He faced the inevitable without fear, knowing he had done well in his calling. He was guaranteed Heaven. A dear friend, the angel who’d guided him throughout his work, appeared to…… Continue reading Witch Finder

Who is Your Leader?

Who is Your Leader? Short story by Iris Carden I did my preparation for this assignment. I observed that backward planet for ages. I monitored all their transmissions, both audio and visual. I learned their language, and how they dressed. I even tried their recreational hallucinogenics to try to understand them better. When I was…… Continue reading Who is Your Leader?