Possession short story by Iris Carden It was meant to be a simple job. My instructions were to possess someone in this town and cause as much chaos as possible. Apparently the powers that be had a preferred candidate in the upcoming election, and needed as much distraction from actual issues as possible. This kind…… Continue reading Possession

The Week in Review

What I’ve Written Sunday: It’s A Long Way It’s a long way from a lupus flare to “normal”. Monday: Disposal Got a body you want to get rid of unofficially? Your friendly neighbourhood funeral director can help. Tuesday: She Said, He Said A short story from two points of view. Wednesday: Mushrooms Poem recalling the…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Colony Chapter Six

Communications Systems chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden The tv Angela’s parents were watching displayed a test pattern.  It was the first sign any communications systems were coming on-line. A message running across the screen said: “Stay tuned for an important message at 2pm AEST.” Angela and Jamie decided to recharge their long-flat…… Continue reading Colony Chapter Six

Vampire Killer

Vampire Killer short story by Iris Carden Ramona sighed and rubbed her temples. She was working with Scott again. His enthusiasm for police work was unbounded and his self confidence was unfounded. She looked at the scene. Both victims were most definitely dead. Their hands and feet were tied with cable ties to the dining…… Continue reading Vampire Killer

Colony Chapter Five

Maria and Adam chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden The satellite navigation system, thank fully did work, and Angela quickly found Maria and Adam Worthy’s home in the remains of Indooroopilly.  When she found them, Adam, was trapped under a fallen beam in their damaged home. The beam was part of the ceiling…… Continue reading Colony Chapter Five


Downsizing short story by Iris Carden Elsie hated moving, but now the children were grown and out on their own, the family home was far too big for her alone. That’s why she’d bought the little two-bedroom Queenslander she’d seen for sale for a ridiculously low price. Perhaps she should have questioned why the seller…… Continue reading Downsizing

Colony Chapter Four

Homecoming chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden “Angela! You know just turning up unannounced is terribly bad manners, and brining extra guests, strangers, as well, is just too much!”  her mother scolded. “Hi Mum, it’s lovely to see you too,” Angela replied.  “I would have called ahead, but the phones aren’t working, and…… Continue reading Colony Chapter Four