The Queen’s Return

The Queen’s Return short story by Iris Carden The scent of magic preceded them. Queen Rose of the fairies rode on a sleek black cat. Above her flew Primrose, the nursery maid. At one side walked the great wizard Merlin, and Orsinius Wishlet, a wisp, guardian of mythical treasures, carrying Excalibur.  On the other side,…… Continue reading The Queen’s Return


Spy short story by Iris Carden Primrose carefully followed Merlin’s instructions, giving the queen half a drop of healing potion each morning and night. Her new friends made sure she, the queen and Princess Aster had everything they needed. Queen Rose gradually regained her strength. When all of the fairies’ new friends were gathered, the…… Continue reading Spy


Nutshell short story by Iris Carden Primrose had never been brave before. But then, she’d never had to. She was a nursery maid, not a soldier, nor a guard.  Her work had been in the quietest part of the castle.  In a way she was responsible for the kingdom’s greatest treasure, but she’d never imagined…… Continue reading Nutshell


Mushrooms poem by Iris Carden Wild mushrooms will appear in the damp earth after rain. They might be gone for ages, when it’s rained they’re back again. If you step on a mushroom you may hear a satisfying pop, might see fungal explosion, and see no reason to stop. Don’t step on that mushroom that…… Continue reading Mushrooms