Group Meeting Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Tuesday Afternoon excerpt from Group Meeting by Iris Carden Sarah looked around the room. Her group of residents looked the worse for wear. Chantal had dark circles under her eyes, and looked as if she’d been a week without sleep, rather than just one night. Johnno had grazes on his left leg, arm,…… Continue reading Group Meeting Chapter 4

Group Meeting Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Tuesday Morning excerpt from Group Meeting by Iris Carden “So, how did everyone sleep?” Sarah asked brightly, trying to keep things upbeat after the previous afternoon’s debacle. “I didn’t sleep at all well,” said Chantal, “and neither did someone else.” “Why is that?” Sarah asked. “The bathroom is across the hall from me.…… Continue reading Group Meeting Chapter 3

Excerpt from Group Meeting

Group Meeting Chapter 1 by Iris Carden 1. Monday Morning They sat in their usual circle, in their usual varying attitudes of attention and inattention, waiting for the week to begin. “OK”, Sarah looked down at her notes. “Well it’s the start of another week. How did everyone go over the weekend?” Residents looked from…… Continue reading Excerpt from Group Meeting

Excerpt from Muse

Excerpt from Muse Novel by Iris Carden Introduction The boy bounced the ball against the wall. He was bored and wished his mother had time to play. Dad was at work.          Mum, however, no longer seemed to have time for him. She was busy with the tiny, pink object which was his new sister.           When Mum had…… Continue reading Excerpt from Muse