Fake short story by Iris Carden The body was lying face down, half covered in overgrown grass. “Council workers clearing the overgrown creek area found the body. When they realised what it was they stopped work and called triple zero.” Inspector David Webber said. “What makes you think it’s one of ours?” HDU Senior Agent…… Continue reading Fake


Wine short story by Iris Carden I had ten bodies in cold storage at the time, all from the legit side of the business. Ten bodies. Three families. Three cars. One accident. One Christmas party. God knows how many bottles of plonk. Thee funerals each of multiple family members between Christmas and New Year. Merry…… Continue reading Wine


Exhumations short story by Iris Carden There’s a reason my unofficial body disposals are only ever done through the crematorium. That’s a tradition my father began as soon as he took over the business from his father. In my grandfather’s day, cremations weren’t so popular in Australia, so his only option was burials, and there…… Continue reading Exhumations


Quaaludes short story by Iris Carden Mr Anderson’s funeral had gone smoothly. In the reception room afterwards, I was carrying a try of sandwiches, offering them to mourners, when I saw Mr Anderson’s great-grandson handing out tablets to a group of other twenty-somethings. “What’s this?” I asked. “They’re Quaaludes, from Great-granddad’s stash. I found them…… Continue reading Quaaludes

Identity Theft

Identity Theft blog post by Iris Carden In the past couple of weeks a couple of major Australian organisations have had data breaches with customer data taken. Lots of people have had to go and get new drivers’ licences (new numbers), and pay extra attention to how our personal data is secured. At the same…… Continue reading Identity Theft


Money short story by Iris Carden I grew up in the funeral industry. I mean that literally. This business belonged to my father. When I was about two, my mother decided death wasn’t a way of life that appealed to her and she left. No-one knew where she went. No-one really cared. By the time…… Continue reading Money