Money short story by Iris Carden I grew up in the funeral industry. I mean that literally. This business belonged to my father. When I was about two, my mother decided death wasn’t a way of life that appealed to her and she left. No-one knew where she went. No-one really cared. By the time…… Continue reading Money


Kids short story by Iris Carden Kids are the worst. Oh you thought your friendly neighbourhood funeral director doesn’t have feelings? Think again. Kids are definitely the worst. Katie was only thirteen. She’d just started high school, and some waste of space bully had pushed her to the point where she cut her wrists. Her…… Continue reading Kids


Contract Short story by Iris Carden “Can you put a price on a human life?” he asked. “Of course, I can,” she said. “It’s a hundred thousand if it’s going to be an easy job. It goes up in fifty thousand dollar increments for degrees of difficulty.” Her voice was low, quiet, but he could…… Continue reading Contract

Running and Hiding

The jeweller  was already dead when I broke in. I found him like that.  But I tripped the alarm, and the police came, and I ran.  My fingerprints will be all over the crime scene. I was there.  I will never prove I’m just a thief and not a murderer.