The Stranger in the Mirror

The Stranger in the Mirror Poem by Iris Carden I don’t know this woman’s face. but she’s in my mirror again the swelling, rashes and scars tell the story of her long-term pain. These hands that are stiff with joints that won’t bend, are clumsy and swollen as they grasp at the pen. Hips and…… Continue reading The Stranger in the Mirror


But I’m left with this thought: those couple of really minor things that happened to me in the midst of this huge disaster, were things that in a past life, I would have handled quickly and easily. I used to be able to decide what to do and be able act, with a fair degree of confidence, in almost any situation. I used to be able to do so much more for myself, without thinking to call for any kind of help. Not ever being able to rely on my body, and only intermittently being able to rely on my brain, has left me feeling very insecure.

A Story of Desire and Adaptation

Why is my yard in such a state? I’m glad you asked. Lupus has left me unable to do a lot of the things I love. So while I have beautiful roses, and lovely fruit trees, they’ve become lost in what nature appears to be reclaiming and turning into some kind of low-growing jungle.

What it’s like

What it’s Like Blog post by Iris Carden This is what life with lupus is like: I bought a book on how to keep a house clean in 15 minutes per day.  What takes the person in the book 15 minutes takes me five hours and major pain relief.One morning per week is assigned to…… Continue reading What it’s like