Shameless Self-Promotion

Shameless Self-Promotion by Iris Carden I’ve been trying to get through Christmas shopping before the December crowds. That lead me to think of books as Christmas gifts. If you want to buy my books (or books by any other indie authors), you need to do it ahead of time, because indie books are often print-on-demand…… Continue reading Shameless Self-Promotion

The Venomous Void Chapter 12

Happy Birthday Wendy chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Marci and her mother returned to Peacock Valley from their holiday at the beach.  Marci brought Wendy a necklace made of shells she had picked up on holidays. Wendy had a gift for her as well.  It was a copy of the mythology book she had…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 12

Venomous Void Chapter 11

Fruit for Bobby chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden. At home, they found Mr Glanville was visiting.  He was telling Bobby what it was like to be an Ancient. “You will grow at a normal rate until you’re an adult, then your aging will slow down.  While all the people your own age get older,…… Continue reading Venomous Void Chapter 11

The Venomous Void Chapter 9

The Garden Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Eventually, the group started to see light, instead of just fog and dead trees, and the dim light from their lamps and the thread. The fog around them seemed to be slightly thinner, and they could see further in front of them. “I thought I…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 9

The Venomous Void Chapter 8

A Strange Encounter Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden “Dad?” Frederick said.  “Is that you? But you’re in the Ivory Tower!” Some of the fog in front of them seemed to pull itself into the shape of Augustus. “I’m in the Ivory Tower?” the fog shape asked. “Well, Wendy sent you there.  Wait, you’re Fallen,…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 8

Hailey and the Haunted House

Hailey and the Haunted House Short story by Iris Carden and special guest author Johanna (aged 8) Hailey had a magical bed. Each night it took her to a different strange and interesting place. One night, Hailey woke up during the night to find she was in a very dark, very creepy room, not a…… Continue reading Hailey and the Haunted House

The Venomous Void Chapter 7

Into the Void Chapter of Work in Progress by Iris Carden Frederick had blinked overalls, hardhats with lights, and boots heavy boots for himself, Wendy, and the animals. Toad could not get her flippers into boots. “This is what the specialist rescue team would wear if they were going into an unknown place where the…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 7

The Venomous Void Chapter 6

Thread Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Wendy had blinked to Mr Glanville’s house, leaving the others to stay with Bobby at home. Wendy explained their situation to Mr Glanville, and said she and Frederick really needed to know anything he could tell them about the Venomous Void. “I can confirm everything your…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 6

The Venomous Void Chapter 4

Communications by Iris Carden The head of communications for the Ivory Tower was a Watchitt named Nancy.  She was a grey-haired lady who looked like she should be someone’s grandmother.  (Not Wendy’s grandmother of course, she had Queen Bertha in that role.) “These look like really old-fashioned telephones,” Wendy said, looking at a long bench filled with…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 4

The Venomous Void Chapter 3

The Venomous Void Chapter Three: Octavius’ Story by Iris Carden Wendy was absorbed in her book. “Hey Wendy,” Frederick’s voice startled her. “Oh, I was so lost in the story I didn’t notice you come in.  Did you learn anything exciting today?” Wendy thought the things Frederick was learning, were more interesting than her lessons. “Oh…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 3