Splendid Isolation

Photo of Bumpy, a black and white cat, edited into a drawing of a room with a purple mat and pink curtains. Caption reads: "She drew pictures of places I could be an only cat."

Splendid Isolation by Mr Bumpy Cat Hello out there in the Bloggosphere, I am an old cat and I like my personal space. Upstairs I live with just my upstairs human, but sometimes I go downstairs where the downstairs human lives with Fanta and Princess. The problem with downstairs, is that I don’t always want…… Continue reading Splendid Isolation

Top Ten Uses for a Human

Top Ten Uses for a Human by Princess Cat Humans. Why do we keep them? If you look at your human and think, “What use are you?”, then I’d like to remind you of all the good things about humans. Here they are: Humans provide dry food.Humans provide wet food.Humans provide water.Humans clean up the…… Continue reading Top Ten Uses for a Human