Comfort by Princess Cat If you’re ever in a new place, and want to know where the most comfortable spot is, ask the cat who lives there. We’re experts at finding the best spots. All of my favourite places are good for some things. On the cat tower is a great spot for looking out…… Continue reading Comfort


Epic! by Mr Bumpy Cat, SFO Hello out there in the Bloggosphere, My human and I have a tradition. Every morning we come downstairs for coffee. Or rather, my human and the downstairs human have coffee, and I come to hang out with Fanta and Princess. Sometimes I attack them. Sometimes I steal their food…… Continue reading Epic!

Supervisory Kitty

Supervisory Kitty by Princess Cat Whatever the human is doing, she usually needs some animal supervision. If she’s writing, Fanta is often beside her chair or under the desk. When it comes to arts and crafts, that’s my time to shine. I love art, craft and sewing. It’s been suggested I just like stealing things…… Continue reading Supervisory Kitty