Blogiversary by Iris Carden This coming Wednesday, this blog will turn one year old. On the first of February last year, I closed down the three previous blogs, I’d worked on for a decade. One was about lupus awareness, one about pets, and one about creative writing. My vision was for a single blog, in…… Continue reading Blogiversary

The End of an Era

The End of an Era Blog post by Iris Carden I’ve just posted the following to all my old blogs, under the title “So Long, and thanks for all the Fish”. The End of an Era After a decade, I have decided to leave the blogger platform behind. Yes it’s been a long journey.  Never…… Continue reading The End of an Era

A New Beginning

Up until now, I’ve had multiple blogs. You might recognise them. was my short story and book review site. was my blog about pets was my blog about living with lupus Chronic illness is a monster, and lately I have found managing multiple websites just too much of a challenge. So I…… Continue reading A New Beginning