Bees poem by Iris Carden Won’t someone think of the bees? That pollinate flowers and trees, with pollen up to their knees. Oh think of the bees, please. Why not grow them some flowers? You could keep them happy for hours. Little bees work hard for our good, and help the plants supply our food.…… Continue reading Bees

Fierce Kitty

Fierce Kitty by Princess Cat It’s been a strange week.  The humans moved all the furniture around.  Apparently it wasn’t exactly where my human wanted it, and the upstairs human helped her change it all. It’s all right.  Humans will do human things.  It doesn’t normally bother me. One thing did bother me.  They moved…… Continue reading Fierce Kitty


Cassowary short story by Iris Carden Greg hated the zoo.  He only worked there because there was nothing else available. He wasn’t naturally a social person, and having to smile and answer dumb questions people asked really got on his nerves. Today was an especially bad day.  He’d finally asked Kaitlin out.  She’d turned him…… Continue reading Cassowary


Tortise poem by Iris Carden You’re eighty years old and still just middle aged, you must have seen so much, across the world’s stage. Now you are so big most predators won’t see you as food, Life should be so easy, and everything so good. But humans are strange predators, size no discouragement. Sailors stopping…… Continue reading Tortoise

The Week in Review

What I’ve been Writing Sunday: Never Forget your First The story of my first forays into writing stories and poetry. This is where I fell in love with writing. Monday: The World’s a Stage When you’re being chased by an armed criminal, you use what ever advantage you have. Tuesday: The Rebels A group of…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Koala poem by Iris Carden I eat and I pee and I sleep in the tree. I’m cute as can be. You know you love me. I’m fussy about the trees where I live. Food, water, and home, my favourite trees give. My habitat’s shrinking I’m now in decline, You’ve taken my home. What’s now…… Continue reading Koala