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Publishing Schedule for this Site

  • Sunday: Glurge: writing, lifestyle, lupus or whatever else I think of.
  • Monday: Short story
  • Tuesday: Short story
  • Wednesday: Poem
  • Thursday: Short story
  • Friday: Short story or animal story
  • Saturday: Work in Progress + My week in review (two posts)
  • The podcast was behind the blog for a long time. I was trying to record it for myself, but the dry mouth and throat issues accompanying my lupus were making it too hard to read my stories. Now, the podcast has caught up with the blog, but is being read by a computer voice.

This schedule is subject to change, depending on my mood, and whether my lupus is behaving or not.

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Book Reviews

I review whatever I read, and usually that’s things I’ve bought, but since I’ve been asked: yes, you can send me a review copy of your books, but bear in mind the review will only be a sentence or two on the Week in Review, published on Saturdays. I will always be honest in my reviews.Digital copies can be sent to .


Everything on this site (with the exception of ads) is written, drawn or photographed by Iris Carden, who retains all rights to this work.

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My writing is fuelled by the weird dreams that come from caffeine addiction, chronic pain, and lupus meds. Buy me a coffee to create more stories.

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