Shameless Self-Promotion

Shameless Self-Promotion by Iris Carden I’ve been trying to get through Christmas shopping before the December crowds. That lead me to think of books as Christmas gifts. If you want to buy my books (or books by any other indie authors), you need to do it ahead of time, because indie books are often print-on-demand…… Continue reading Shameless Self-Promotion

The Week in Review

What I’ve Written Sunday: Pundamonium A bit of nonsense, which will either amuse or annoy you, depending how you feel about puns. Monday: Cult The strange tale of Julie who inherited a nice house in a not-so-nice street. Tuesday: Reality The strange tale of Hilda, who had an accident and then had a reality check.…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Colony Chapter Fourteen

Betrayed chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Angela was anxious as she walked into work.  In her bag she carried six of the bombs.  Martha had another four.  As the went their seperate ways, they held each other’s gaze for an extra couple of seconds. Throughout the day, Angela sought out the best…… Continue reading Colony Chapter Fourteen


Epic! by Mr Bumpy Cat, SFO Hello out there in the Bloggosphere, My human and I have a tradition. Every morning we come downstairs for coffee. Or rather, my human and the downstairs human have coffee, and I come to hang out with Fanta and Princess. Sometimes I attack them. Sometimes I steal their food…… Continue reading Epic!


Grey short story by Iris Carden Grey, everything was in a gradient of grey. From the pale nearly white glowing moon, to the almost black depths of the shadow under the trees. Something kept irritating the edge of her consciousness. Something that said it wasn’t always grey, something that hinted there was something she had…… Continue reading Grey


Reality short story by Iris Carden Settle in dear reader while I tell you the strange tale of Hilda, who had an accident, and then had a reality check. Hilda was having a bad day. Her car wouldn’t start. She’d had to call the breakdown service for a jump start, but they told her the…… Continue reading Reality

The Week in Review

What I’ve Written Sunday: Prednisone Update If you’re wondering how weaning off prednisone is going: it’s going badly. Monday: Quaaludes An incident at a funeral leads to seven deaths. Tuesday: Back to the Beginning Elizabeth Munroe’s off-Earth adventure ends back where it began. Wednesday: Rose A rose is a feast for the senses. Thursday: Kevin…… Continue reading The Week in Review