Am I the Donkey Crater?

Am I the Donkey Crater? by Fantasia Dog Reddit has a section called “AITA?” That stands for “Am I the A….?” (That A is a rude word that combines words meaning “donkey” and “crater”.) People type in their stories, and other people tell them whether or not they’re a donkey crater. Usually people write in…… Continue reading Am I the Donkey Crater?


Blood Short story by Iris Carden It was the third body in three days. All were exsanguinated, all with their throats ripped out, but minimal blood at the scene. I looked at the Head of Security, Stockton. She shook her head. No. They’d found nothing to say who or what was doing it. “If I…… Continue reading Blood

Saturday Writing Club

Saturday Writing Club Post by Iris Carden The actual physical writing group I belong to started again yesterday. We’ve were in hiatus for a while, with COVID rules and other issues. There’s nothing quite like getting together with other people who share the same interests. It was just great to get together again and hear…… Continue reading Saturday Writing Club