The Week in Review

The Week in Review What I’ve Written Sunday: Tiffany and What We Think We Know When what people think they know isn’t what actually happened, it can cause problems for writers. Monday: Save Us Twin girls have an inventive plan to get themselves out of a difficult situation. Tuesday: Group Meeting Chapter 7 I didn’t…… Continue reading The Week in Review


Family Lies Chapter 12: Sunday Lunch

Family Lies Chapter 12: Sunday Lunch chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden After a quiet couple of days, Emily was happy to have her daughters and their families come for a barbecue lunch. Emily’s oldest daughter Alannah, with her husband Steve, were at the barbecue, cooking steaks. Jody, Kym, Elsie and Emily were…… Continue reading Family Lies Chapter 12: Sunday Lunch

To My Younger Self

To my Younger Self poem by Iris Carden Life is hard right now, and it will get harder, but the road’s not at an end, you’ll go much farther. You have been told you are weak and a fool, no-one can care about someone like you, no-one could care, or value your heart, but really…… Continue reading To My Younger Self

Group Meeting Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Thursday Morning excerpt from Group Meeting by Iris Carden “Well, good morning,” Sarah said brightly. “It’s a new day. How did everyone sleep?” Chantal shook her head. “Didn’t sleep well, Chantal?” “I don’t want to talk about it. If I say anything, you’ll just decide I’m sick again. I want bacon for breakfast…… Continue reading Group Meeting Chapter 7

Save Us

Save Us short story by Iris Carden “We can do it,” Suzie said, “just the way Grandma said.” “She used clay. We haven’t got clay,” Sally answered, keeping her voice quiet, so no-one outside the room might hear. “We’ve got plasticine. That’s like clay,” Suzie said. “That can’t work, can it? Doesn’t it have to…… Continue reading Save Us

Tiffany and What We Think We Know

Listen to this post as a podcast. Tiffany and What We Think We Know by Iris Carden The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible.” -Mark Twain I’ve been reading a bit about the “Tiffany Problem” lately.   The term was coined by author Jo Walton to describe the…… Continue reading Tiffany and What We Think We Know

Family Lies Chapter 11: Records

Family Lies Chapter 11: Results chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Emily’s call to Jessica the previous afternoon had been only a couple of minutes to give some forewarning about Jack’s plan to seek out a financial settlement.   After that, she’d called Jenny to help her get to bed for the rest…… Continue reading Family Lies Chapter 11: Records