Movie short story by Iris Carden “Come in. Take a look.” “Wow, that screen really is big!” “It really is. So let’s try it out and watch a movie.” “What are we watching?” “I thought John Wick, unless you’d rather something else.” “John Wick: I don’t know that movie. What’s it about.” “It’s about this…… Continue reading Movie


Money short story by Iris Carden I grew up in the funeral industry. I mean that literally. This business belonged to my father. When I was about two, my mother decided death wasn’t a way of life that appealed to her and she left. No-one knew where she went. No-one really cared. By the time…… Continue reading Money

The Week in Review

What I’ve written Sunday: Ginger Beer Recipe For something completely different, the recipe for my favourite probiotic drink. Home made is much better than bought. Monday: Possession A demon attempting to possess a human body makes a serious miscalculation. Tuesday: Kids Your friendly local funeral director is ready to help with all your body disposal…… Continue reading The Week in Review

Wishing Well

Wishing Well poem by Iris Carden Make a wish and throw a coin into the wishing well. Will your wishes come true? Only time can tell. Will you wish to help a friend? Will you wish for wars to end? Will you wish for cash to spend? Will you wish a rift to mend? Just…… Continue reading Wishing Well


Kids short story by Iris Carden Kids are the worst. Oh you thought your friendly neighbourhood funeral director doesn’t have feelings? Think again. Kids are definitely the worst. Katie was only thirteen. She’d just started high school, and some waste of space bully had pushed her to the point where she cut her wrists. Her…… Continue reading Kids


Possession short story by Iris Carden It was meant to be a simple job. My instructions were to possess someone in this town and cause as much chaos as possible. Apparently the powers that be had a preferred candidate in the upcoming election, and needed as much distraction from actual issues as possible. This kind…… Continue reading Possession