Pantser or Planner?

Theoretically, there are two kinds of author: those who write by the seat of their pants, and those who plan out where the story is going. I’ve always been a pantser.


Muse looks at a number of the things that people fear, not just the supernatural elements of the story, but far more mundane fears: the person who offers us help, but is really there to exploit our weakness; the person we love and support, who turns out to be a “monster”; the corrupt politician who uses their position for whatever personal gain.

The Good, the Weird, and the Just Plain Illegal

The Good, the Weird, and the Just Plain Illegal Blog post by Iris Carden In my years writing Sometimes, it is Lupus, I was offered a number of things to review. They range from the absolute best lupus resource I’ve ever seen, down to a product that was possibly dangerous and definitely illegal. The Illegal…… Continue reading The Good, the Weird, and the Just Plain Illegal

The End of an Era

The End of an Era Blog post by Iris Carden I’ve just posted the following to all my old blogs, under the title “So Long, and thanks for all the Fish”. The End of an Era After a decade, I have decided to leave the blogger platform behind. Yes it’s been a long journey.  Never…… Continue reading The End of an Era

A New Beginning

Up until now, I’ve had multiple blogs. You might recognise them. was my short story and book review site. was my blog about pets was my blog about living with lupus Chronic illness is a monster, and lately I have found managing multiple websites just too much of a challenge. So I…… Continue reading A New Beginning