The Story Carrier

The Story Carrier Short story by Iris Carden My biggest mistake ever was not listening to my grandmother. She didn’t read, at all. She refused to allow books in her house. I couldn’t understand it. I always loved reading. Right from my first fairytale stories as a little child, I was always reading. I would…… Continue reading The Story Carrier


Blood Short story by Iris Carden It was the third body in three days. All were exsanguinated, all with their throats ripped out, but minimal blood at the scene. I looked at the Head of Security, Stockton. She shook her head. No. They’d found nothing to say who or what was doing it. “If I…… Continue reading Blood

Witch Finder

Witch Finder Short story by Iris Carden Age and illness had taken their toll, and now the witch finder was lying on his deathbed. He faced the inevitable without fear, knowing he had done well in his calling. He was guaranteed Heaven. A dear friend, the angel who’d guided him throughout his work, appeared to…… Continue reading Witch Finder

Excerpt from Muse

Excerpt from Muse Novel by Iris Carden Introduction The boy bounced the ball against the wall. He was bored and wished his mother had time to play. Dad was at work.          Mum, however, no longer seemed to have time for him. She was busy with the tiny, pink object which was his new sister.           When Mum had…… Continue reading Excerpt from Muse