The Garden

The Garden short story by Iris Carden Carla woke up.  Where was she? The walls were white.  The sheets on the bed were white. She was in a white nightdress. The person leaning over her was dressed in white. “Oh good. You’re awake,” the woman said. “Where am I?” Carla asked. “What do you remember?”…… Continue reading The Garden


Nymph short story by Iris Carden My job at the museum was “exhibits co-ordinator”.  That didn’t mean I got to plan what exhibits were coming or going.  That was the work of the Director, who doubled as Curator.  No, my job was just to receive incoming and despatch outgoing exhibits, and to  display them in…… Continue reading Nymph

Full Moon

Full Moon short story by Iris Carden Jo Burns looked up at the full moon.  It looked closer, bigger than it ever had before. There’d been a time when she’d thought the moon beautiful, romantic, even.  That seemed like  a lifetime ago, before her daughter’s death, before she’d discovered a world hidden from humans, before…… Continue reading Full Moon


Creature short story by Iris Carden It was Trainee Agent Harry Smythe’s first day back at work after extended sick leave.* He felt weird putting a bag of blood in the lunch room fridge, but was determined to work as normal. The first person he saw was Andrew Harrison, assistant to the pathologist.  Andrew, unable…… Continue reading Creature


Countess short story by Iris Carden HDU Trainee Agent Harry Smythe woke from what seemed an incredibly deep sleep.  As his eyes struggled to focus, his brain registered the letter A, nothing else. “Wha…” he struggled to say. “You’re safe now,” a soft female voice said. He drifted back to sleep again and eventually woke…… Continue reading Countess