Wolf short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns had been called to the office of Inspector David Webber, the police liaison with the HDU. She was surprised to find the Queensland Premier already in the office, waiting for her. The Premier passed a manila file folder, labelled “confidential”, to Jo. “Do you know…… Continue reading Wolf

Techno Ghost

Techno Ghost short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns called Trainee Agent Harry Smythe to her office. As always, she quizzed him about his knowledge on the subject before taking him on assignment. “What do you know about ghosts, Harry?” “Most ghosts are deceased humans with unfinished business. Poltergeists are the outworking of…… Continue reading Techno Ghost


Krampus short story by Iris Carden Trainee Agent Harry Smythe put a small decorated Christmas tree and a model Santa on his desk. Agent Marissa Tyler, walking past, stopped and said, “Put the Santa away before Jo sees it. She’ll go ballistic.” “But it’s just Christmas stuff. Is this a religious thing or something?” “No,…… Continue reading Krampus

They Do Not Exist

They Do Not Exist short story by Iris Carden Senior Agent Jo Burns read the email alert, sent from the police station five storeys above her head. Three victims, all with neck wounds, all exsanguinated. She replied with instructions for the bodies to be moved to the HDU mortuary, and the police investigation to cease…… Continue reading They Do Not Exist


Grey short story by Iris Carden Grey, everything was in a gradient of grey. From the pale nearly white glowing moon, to the almost black depths of the shadow under the trees. Something kept irritating the edge of her consciousness. Something that said it wasn’t always grey, something that hinted there was something she had…… Continue reading Grey