Vampire’s Kiss

Vampire’s Kiss poem by Iris Carden Awaking from a fevered dream, a memory of mesmerising eyes, a voice, low and strong fading into the night. Lethargy. Overwhelming fatigue. Two small wounds on pale skin, so much paler than before. Blood smear on the pillow. Confusion. A sense of dread desire for something unknown. A window…… Continue reading Vampire’s Kiss

The Rebels

The Rebels short story by Iris Carden We were the rebels, the kids most likely to cause headaches for Sister Maria, the ancient nun who was in charge of the boarding school. The group compromised myself, my best friend Kirsty, my brother David, and his best Mike. On this night, we planned to explore the…… Continue reading The Rebels

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve short story by Iris Carden There’s a story that traces the vampire heritage back to Judas Iscariot. The story goes that after Judas betrayed Jesus, he attempted suicide, but God wouldn’t give him the mercy of death and turned him into the first vampire. I don’t believe that’s true. I couldn’t imagine…… Continue reading New Year’s Eve

Hailey and the Haunted House

Hailey and the Haunted House Short story by Iris Carden and special guest author Johanna (aged 8) Hailey had a magical bed. Each night it took her to a different strange and interesting place. One night, Hailey woke up during the night to find she was in a very dark, very creepy room, not a…… Continue reading Hailey and the Haunted House

Siren Song

Siren Song Short story by Iris Carden “Selina, welcome to the Morning Show,” the interviewer said, in her overly bright and bubbly manner. Selina had already forgotten her name. “It’s great to be here,” Selina answered. “You’re in town for the big concert tonight, and I understand tickets for the arena have already sold out.”…… Continue reading Siren Song

The Golden Orb

The Golden Orb Short story by Iris Carden Every generation of the family had a Zelda. She was always single, childless, stonking rich, and mad as a hatter. That’s how the story went. This Zelda couldn’t care either way about the “single, childless” bit of the family story, but she suspected that might change if…… Continue reading The Golden Orb