Strange Cat

Strange Cat by Fantasia Dog Strange things have been happening in our house. It started with Mr Bumpy. He’s been sick a lot lately, but he was acting very strangely the other day. He couldn’t stand up, and tried leaning on walls. The human and the upstairs human took him to the emergency vet. When…… Continue reading Strange Cat

Goodbye Bumpy

Goodbye Bumpy poem by Iris Carden For seventeen years you ruled our lives iron claw in velvet paw. We learned to do what we were told when you laid down the law. On Saturday you met your fate, at the emergency vet. We’d hoped that you’d get over this, like all that you’d faced yet.…… Continue reading Goodbye Bumpy


Busybody short story by Iris Carden Settle in, dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Agnes, who loved to mind everyone else’s business, but learned not everyone puts up with busybodies. At sixty-five, Agnes finally retired from her factory job, sold the house she’d inherited from her parents, which was too big…… Continue reading Busybody

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary short story by Iris Carden Settle in dear reader, while I tell you the strange tale of Rachael, who made fun of people who believed in things she thought weren’t real. Rachael was a relatively successful social media influencer. Her brand was all about disparaging people’s beliefs. It didn’t matter if it was…… Continue reading Bloody Mary

Family Lies Chapter 2

Family Lies Chapter 2: Lunch chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Emily carried the tray into her mother’s sitting room. “I thought we might have lunch together, if that’s OK,” she said. Elsie had been watching the television.  She turned her head to look at Emily, and gave a small smile. “What’s your…… Continue reading Family Lies Chapter 2


Aftermath short story by Iris Carden It is a strange group of beings who are gathered in the burrow on the border between reality and unreality. There is Orsinius Wishlet, a wisp, short and bald with over-large pointed ears. He is a reformed kleptomaniac, and a hoarder, and this burrow, his home, is cluttered with…… Continue reading Aftermath


Tortise poem by Iris Carden You’re eighty years old and still just middle aged, you must have seen so much, across the world’s stage. Now you are so big most predators won’t see you as food, Life should be so easy, and everything so good. But humans are strange predators, size no discouragement. Sailors stopping…… Continue reading Tortoise


Ransom short story by Iris Carden Giving in to a criminal is not how I normally do things, but my daughter’s life is on the line, and Merlin has a plan. I try not to look at the products on the shelves. Augustus Wishlet’s shop is disturbing enough during the day. At night it’s even…… Continue reading Ransom