The Lesson

The Lesson Short story by Iris Carden The principal had determined that lessons would go ahead as normal. Students who needed time out, or who wanted to talk about the incident could go to the school counsellor. It was not to be discussed in class. Elizabeth gasped when she first saw Mary enter the room,…… Continue reading The Lesson


Big ISP Short story by Iris Carden I started my holiday unpaid internship at Big ISP, with no real idea what I’d be doing. I really didn’t expect I’d be doing this. Today, I’m reading a woman’s personal journal. It’s one of those apps that you share across your devices, so it’s stored on the…… Continue reading Big ISP

Flat Batteries

Flat Batteries By Miss Princess Cat Hello Everyone, I have a sad, sad story to tell. I have a toy called a “laser pointer”. Laser pointers are different to other toys. I can play with a jingle ball or a fluffy mouse all by myself (although it is sometimes fun to have a human send…… Continue reading Flat Batteries

Who is Your Leader?

Who is Your Leader? Short story by Iris Carden I did my preparation for this assignment. I observed that backward planet for ages. I monitored all their transmissions, both audio and visual. I learned their language, and how they dressed. I even tried their recreational hallucinogenics to try to understand them better. When I was…… Continue reading Who is Your Leader?