Crime Scene

Crime Scene Short story by Iris Carden We’d been called by a neighbour, who’d heard the commotion. The victim, a woman in her 30s, was lying unconscious on the floor. Around her, the room was in chaos. A two-metre high mahogany bookshelf had been knocked over, books strewn everywhere. Only a leather lounge and a…… Continue reading Crime Scene

Life Support

Life Support Short story by Iris Carden She woke slowly.  The pain at the back of her head was black, overwhelming, drawing her in, like a black hole pulling everything into itself. “Open your eyes”, she commanded herself.  She tried to obey her own demand.  Slowly she opened her eyes. Stark, white light burned its…… Continue reading Life Support

Work in Progress

Since I started this blog, I’ve found that while I’m busy writing short stories and poetry for the blog, and short stories for competitions, my current major work in progress hasn’t been, well, progressing. Before I started the blog, I had three chapters of The Venomous Void, the sequel to Wendy Watchitt, written. As of…… Continue reading Work in Progress

Am I the Donkey Crater?

Am I the Donkey Crater? by Fantasia Dog Reddit has a section called “AITA?” That stands for “Am I the A….?” (That A is a rude word that combines words meaning “donkey” and “crater”.) People type in their stories, and other people tell them whether or not they’re a donkey crater. Usually people write in…… Continue reading Am I the Donkey Crater?


Blood Short story by Iris Carden It was the third body in three days. All were exsanguinated, all with their throats ripped out, but minimal blood at the scene. I looked at the Head of Security, Stockton. She shook her head. No. They’d found nothing to say who or what was doing it. “If I…… Continue reading Blood