Contract Short story by Iris Carden “Can you put a price on a human life?” he asked. “Of course, I can,” she said. “It’s a hundred thousand if it’s going to be an easy job. It goes up in fifty thousand dollar increments for degrees of difficulty.” Her voice was low, quiet, but he could…… Continue reading Contract

The End of the Day

The End of the Day Short story by Iris Carden “Always take time at the end of the day,” Katie’s mother used to say. “Spend some time reflecting, sorting things out, making sense of everything. There’s never enough time while things are actually happening. So take some time at the end of the day.” So…… Continue reading The End of the Day

We All Scream

We All Scream Short story by Iris Carden Shopping with ten year old twins wasn’t easy. By the time both Christopher and Catherine (Kit and Kat to their friends), had new school shoes and backpacks, Helen was exhausted. That’s when they noticed it. A new ice cream shop had opened in the shopping centre. “Twenty…… Continue reading We All Scream


Overload Short story by Iris Carden Cindy didn’t know terms like “sensory overload”, she just knew she hated the beach. Every summer, her family took the caravan and went to the beach. She wished they would go somewhere else. The beach was too bright. There were no trees or buildings to cast any shade. The…… Continue reading Overload

The Golden Orb

The Golden Orb Short story by Iris Carden Every generation of the family had a Zelda. She was always single, childless, stonking rich, and mad as a hatter. That’s how the story went. This Zelda couldn’t care either way about the “single, childless” bit of the family story, but she suspected that might change if…… Continue reading The Golden Orb