Movie short story by Iris Carden “Come in. Take a look.” “Wow, that screen really is big!” “It really is. So let’s try it out and watch a movie.” “What are we watching?” “I thought John Wick, unless you’d rather something else.” “John Wick: I don’t know that movie. What’s it about.” “It’s about this…… Continue reading Movie


Money short story by Iris Carden I grew up in the funeral industry. I mean that literally. This business belonged to my father. When I was about two, my mother decided death wasn’t a way of life that appealed to her and she left. No-one knew where she went. No-one really cared. By the time…… Continue reading Money


Kids short story by Iris Carden Kids are the worst. Oh you thought your friendly neighbourhood funeral director doesn’t have feelings? Think again. Kids are definitely the worst. Katie was only thirteen. She’d just started high school, and some waste of space bully had pushed her to the point where she cut her wrists. Her…… Continue reading Kids

The Job

The Job short story by Iris Carden Cassandra needed a job, and a housekeeping job on a remote island off the Queensland coast would give her the chance to enjoy the beach in her down time. Her first sense that the job might not be as great as it appeared, was when she found there…… Continue reading The Job

Christmas in September

Christmas in September short story by Iris Carden “Why are we having Christmas now?” the small child asked as they decorated the tree. “Because Grandma loves Christmas,” her mother answered. “Can’t Grandma wait for regular Christmas?” “Not this time, no. This is a special Christmas for her.” “Will we all get presents?” “Grandma will get…… Continue reading Christmas in September


Alone short story by Iris Carden. The school library was Cindy’s favourite place to spend lunchtime. In the library, she could pick up a book, sit in her quiet spot, and be alone. Cindy had already learned that all the advice on dealing with bullies didn’t work in real life. Ignoring bullies just made them…… Continue reading Alone


Home short story by Iris Carden “Home” in Karen’s mind had always been her grandparents’ house. That was where she went after school. Her parents would come and get her after they finished work, to go back to their home to eat and sleep and get ready for school again. But her real home, where…… Continue reading Home


Storm short story by Iris Carden Sophie loved her little attic room. She’d loved it since she first saw it. When her parents first took her to see the house, she’d looked up at the tiny round window, and said, “That’s the room I want.” Her mother had pointed out they hadn’t looked inside yet,…… Continue reading Storm