A Sanctioned Theft

A Sanctioned Theft Short story by Iris Carden Orsinius Wishlet slept badly. His bed, made of socks and other lost soft fabrics, contained a piece of half-finished knitting complete with knitting needle. This night, no matter how often he changed position, he found the needle was sticking him. When he finally did fall asleep, he…… Continue reading A Sanctioned Theft

Sweet Sixteen

Andy wanted butterfly cakes for her 16th birthday. I wanted her to have exactly what she wanted. Her life was about to change in so many dramatic ways, and I wanted to help her hold on to the innocence just a little longer.

A Wish Come True

The little “well” was beautiful, carefully constructed from brightly-painted balsa wood, with ribbons and bows and flowers over it, in a manner only someone as artistic as Martha could have made look so elegant and beautiful. On the side was written, “To Ariana and Jack. May all your wishes come true.”

Lost and Found

People might have called Orsinius Wishlet a keptomaniac, if they had known about him. But nobody did so nobody could call him anything. Orsinius was a wisp, living on the cusp of reality and unreality, not etirely here, but certainly not completely there.


Isabelle glanced out her kitchen window and dropped the plate she was drying. Either she was hallucinating, or there was a dragon in her back yard.Dragons didn’t exist, so rationally, she must have been hallucinating.  Despite that obvious fact, she carefully stepped around the shards of shattered plate, and ran out to the back yard.