Hailey and the Haunted House

Hailey and the Haunted House Short story by Iris Carden and special guest author Johanna (aged 8) Hailey had a magical bed. Each night it took her to a different strange and interesting place. One night, Hailey woke up during the night to find she was in a very dark, very creepy room, not a…… Continue reading Hailey and the Haunted House

The Venomous Void Chapter 6

Thread Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Wendy had blinked to Mr Glanville’s house, leaving the others to stay with Bobby at home. Wendy explained their situation to Mr Glanville, and said she and Frederick really needed to know anything he could tell them about the Venomous Void. “I can confirm everything your…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 6

The Venomous Void Chapter 5

The Problem at Home Chapter of work in progress by Iris Carden Wendy, Frederick, and Toad arrived home to find Maria and David very worried. “What’s wrong?” Wendy asked. “Bobby’s sick,” Maria said simply.  “Conventional medicine can’t help.  I’ve tried using my Watchitt abilities, but it won’t work.  You’re stronger than me. I need you to try.” They…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 5

The Venomous Void Chapter 4

Communications by Iris Carden The head of communications for the Ivory Tower was a Watchitt named Nancy.  She was a grey-haired lady who looked like she should be someone’s grandmother.  (Not Wendy’s grandmother of course, she had Queen Bertha in that role.) “These look like really old-fashioned telephones,” Wendy said, looking at a long bench filled with…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 4

The Venomous Void Chapter 3

The Venomous Void Chapter Three: Octavius’ Story by Iris Carden Wendy was absorbed in her book. “Hey Wendy,” Frederick’s voice startled her. “Oh, I was so lost in the story I didn’t notice you come in.  Did you learn anything exciting today?” Wendy thought the things Frederick was learning, were more interesting than her lessons. “Oh…… Continue reading The Venomous Void Chapter 3