Flat Batteries

Flat Batteries By Miss Princess Cat Hello Everyone, I have a sad, sad story to tell. I have a toy called a “laser pointer”. Laser pointers are different to other toys. I can play with a jingle ball or a fluffy mouse all by myself (although it is sometimes fun to have a human send…… Continue reading Flat Batteries

Can’t it Wait until Morning?

Humans are the strangest creatures, don’t you think? Take my Mum for example. During the day, when I mostly just sleep and eat, Mum’s up. She’s writing things. She’s watching TV. She’s taking my doggy sister Fanta for a walk. She’s just constantly doing stuff when it’s sleeping time! Then at night, when it’s time to play, she and Fanta just both go to bed.

The Midnight Visitor

A story from three points of view, by Iris Carden Fanta’s Story Hello Everyone, Something happened the other night.  It was a long time after bed time, but still a long time until breakfast.  I heard a croak, and knew a frog had got into the art room. (It’s happened before.) I woke up Mum.…… Continue reading The Midnight Visitor