All-Purpose Cat

All-Purpose Cat Story by Princess Cat You know I’m a writing buddy, and I write some of the stories here so the human can have a break. You might not know I’m also a sewing buddy, and an art buddy. I supervise (or the human says I “snoopervise”) sewing and art projects. I take charge…… Continue reading All-Purpose Cat

Am I the Donkey Crater?

Am I the Donkey Crater? by Fantasia Dog Reddit has a section called “AITA?” That stands for “Am I the A….?” (That A is a rude word that combines words meaning “donkey” and “crater”.) People type in their stories, and other people tell them whether or not they’re a donkey crater. Usually people write in…… Continue reading Am I the Donkey Crater?

Flat Batteries

Flat Batteries By Miss Princess Cat Hello Everyone, I have a sad, sad story to tell. I have a toy called a “laser pointer”. Laser pointers are different to other toys. I can play with a jingle ball or a fluffy mouse all by myself (although it is sometimes fun to have a human send…… Continue reading Flat Batteries