Hot by Fantasia Dog It’s too hot. It’s too hot to go for walks. It’s so hot I don’t even want to go. It’s so hot the air conditioner can’t cool the house down. It’s so hot I don’t want to sleep on the bed snuggled with the human.  I lie on the floor and…… Continue reading Hot

Goodbye Bumpy

Goodbye Bumpy poem by Iris Carden For seventeen years you ruled our lives iron claw in velvet paw. We learned to do what we were told when you laid down the law. On Saturday you met your fate, at the emergency vet. We’d hoped that you’d get over this, like all that you’d faced yet.…… Continue reading Goodbye Bumpy


Tortise poem by Iris Carden You’re eighty years old and still just middle aged, you must have seen so much, across the world’s stage. Now you are so big most predators won’t see you as food, Life should be so easy, and everything so good. But humans are strange predators, size no discouragement. Sailors stopping…… Continue reading Tortoise