Amazon short story by Iris Carden The visiting exhibit was called “Amazons”, and included Greek pottery painted with images of Amazons, a couple of statues, a mosaic which had been removed from an ancient floor and placed on a board for display, that kind of thing.   There was no art actually from the Amazon…… Continue reading Amazon


Blast short story by Iris Carden Derek liked to think of himself as a child of the atomic age.   He hadn’t been alive when the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  He hadn’t been alive when the British tested at Maralinga, or the French at Moruroa. He had, however, as a child read…… Continue reading Blast

A Plan Comes Together

Listen to this story as a podcast episode here. A Plan Comes Together short story by Iris Carden “We don’t want you in any danger.  You set up the meeting, but you don’t go to it. We do,” Senior Agent Jo Burns said. Eric, the werewolf nodded. “If this is going to keep werewolves safe,…… Continue reading A Plan Comes Together