Putting Christ in Christmas

Putting Christ in Christmas by Iris Carden Throughout December, there’s often lots of posts on social media about putting Christ back in Christmas. I would suggest the way to do that would be to follow Jesus’ own instructions, as reported in the Gospels. Don’t judge others. If you are concerned about “sin” be concerned about…… Continue reading Putting Christ in Christmas

Identity Theft

Identity Theft blog post by Iris Carden In the past couple of weeks a couple of major Australian organisations have had data breaches with customer data taken. Lots of people have had to go and get new drivers’ licences (new numbers), and pay extra attention to how our personal data is secured. At the same…… Continue reading Identity Theft

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear readers. For Christians today is the most important day of the year, being the day we recall Jesus’ resurrection. For both Christians and non-Christians here in Australia, it’s also a day we tend to spend time with family and exchange Easter eggs. Typically Easter eggs are egg-shaped chocolate. Sometimes they’re rabbit-shaped or…… Continue reading Happy Easter

A Story of Desire and Adaptation

Why is my yard in such a state? I’m glad you asked. Lupus has left me unable to do a lot of the things I love. So while I have beautiful roses, and lovely fruit trees, they’ve become lost in what nature appears to be reclaiming and turning into some kind of low-growing jungle.