Imposter Blog post by Iris Carden This week I ordered some business cards, because people sometimes ask where they can find my stories, and in that situation it’s easiest to just hand over a piece of card. As I described myself on the cards as “author”, I started to wonder; do I really have any…… Continue reading Imposter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear readers. For Christians today is the most important day of the year, being the day we recall Jesus’ resurrection. For both Christians and non-Christians here in Australia, it’s also a day we tend to spend time with family and exchange Easter eggs. Typically Easter eggs are egg-shaped chocolate. Sometimes they’re rabbit-shaped or…… Continue reading Happy Easter

A Story of Desire and Adaptation

Why is my yard in such a state? I’m glad you asked. Lupus has left me unable to do a lot of the things I love. So while I have beautiful roses, and lovely fruit trees, they’ve become lost in what nature appears to be reclaiming and turning into some kind of low-growing jungle.