Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my readers Once more we’ve reached the festival where Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection, and where Christians and non-Christians alike eat our body weight in chocolate. I can’t give you chocolate. It doesn’t travel well over the internet, so instead, I’m giving you a free PDF of a book. This time it’s…… Continue reading Happy Easter

Good Enough

Good Enough post by Iris Carden Twenty twenty-three has just started. That means it’s the time when people start making New Year’s resolutions. Apparently, we’re all such terrible people we need to fix ourselves and improve ourselves each new year. Then, about half way through January we all decide we were OK as we were,…… Continue reading Good Enough

The Old-Fashioned Way

The Old-Fashioned Way by Iris Carden I saw a post on Twitter the other day. Someone was boasting they wrote, illustrated and published a book all in one weekend. How did they achieve that? They used artificial intelligence. One AI program wrote the book and another illustrated it. All the “author” provided was an idea.…… Continue reading The Old-Fashioned Way