Happy Easter

Happy Easter dear readers. For Christians today is the most important day of the year, being the day we recall Jesus’ resurrection. For both Christians and non-Christians here in Australia, it’s also a day we tend to spend time with family and exchange Easter eggs. Typically Easter eggs are egg-shaped chocolate. Sometimes they’re rabbit-shaped or…… Continue reading Happy Easter

Held Up In Transit

Poem by Iris Carden My world came crashing down, the day my coffee maker died. I spent a day in shock, and periodically, I cried. Then the answer came to me, just before the day was done. I couldn’t live without good coffee, so I’d buy another one. I didn’t have the cash. I did…… Continue reading Held Up In Transit


History Poem by Iris Carden How will history remember our times? How will our story be told? Will it recall how people lost their minds and hoarded toilet paper like a dragon’s gold? Will tomorrow’s people understand the fear of those who were vulnerable, who were weak or sick or old, when life seemed so…… Continue reading History

She is Me

She is Me Poem by Iris Carden She is five, a seemingly innocent child dressed up like a little princess. She lives in an adult world, The person closest to her age that she knows is the bogeyman who lives in her home and uses her body as a plaything. She has constant nightmares, both…… Continue reading She is Me

Why it Matters

There’s a post that’s going around which purports to explain why it really matters to protect Ukraine.

Teach Your Daughter

Teach your daughter all she can achieve. The world will teacher all that she can’t. Help her to know, and to believe, What she can do when she follows her heart.

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