Tortise poem by Iris Carden You’re eighty years old and still just middle aged, you must have seen so much, across the world’s stage. Now you are so big most predators won’t see you as food, Life should be so easy, and everything so good. But humans are strange predators, size no discouragement. Sailors stopping…… Continue reading Tortoise

Hello Twenty Twenty-three

Hello Twenty Twenty-three poem by Iris Carden Hello, and welcome, Twenty Twenty-three. What kind of year do you think you’ll be? Twenty Twenty, Twenty-one, Twenty-two, set expectations very low for you. Your older siblings weren’t all that great. They brought disease, disasters, war and hate. The world-wide pandemic was never fun, And invading your neighbours…… Continue reading Hello Twenty Twenty-three


Star poem by Iris Carden They left their home for a country afar. They watched the night sky and followed a star. They crossed barriers of country and faith, following a light, in search of the great. They went to a palace in search of a king not knowing the danger that visit would bring.…… Continue reading Star


Bauble poem by Iris Carden A glass Christmas bauble, shiny and bright, encircled by glitter, reflecting the light. It hangs on the tree amid tinsel and lights, a strange commemoration of such a strange night. A young woman gave birth, homeless, in the gloom. Her poor tradie husband couldn’t find them a room. The birth…… Continue reading Bauble

The Week Before Christmas

The Week Before Christmas poem by Iris Carden It was a week before Christmas and things weren’t going well, Santa’s cost-cutting measures were beginning to tell. The reindeer were weak, from inferior food, Elves working overtime, were in a horrible mood. The elves formed a union. Reindeer did the same. They presented Santa, their demands…… Continue reading The Week Before Christmas


Bubbles poem by Iris Carden A puff of breath, trapped in a rainbow film, floats on air, on breeze to roam, to float, to fly, a moment of wonder, of whimsy. Air floating on air, shining, bright, a thing of light. To land and to burst: detergent splotch. Float no more, wonder’s lost.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust poem by Iris Carden A sprinkle of fairy dust sparkling bright glimmers and glitters and brightens the night. The forgotten joys of childhood long gone, memories of laughter memories of song. When life’s at its darkest, when gloom’s over all, it’s hard to remember there’s joy to recall. But that’s when we need…… Continue reading Fairy Dust