Bees poem by Iris Carden Won’t someone think of the bees? That pollinate flowers and trees, with pollen up to their knees. Oh think of the bees, please. Why not grow them some flowers? You could keep them happy for hours. Little bees work hard for our good, and help the plants supply our food.…… Continue reading Bees


Hear this poem as a podcast episode here. Money poem by Iris Carden They say money can’t buy happiness to some extent that’s true. But money would be handy when all the bills come due. Living on the financial edge, or struggling on even less, and budgeting with nothing, creates a lot of stress. I’m…… Continue reading Money


Listen to this poem as podcast episode here. Pizza poem by Iris Carden It’s hot and it’s fresh. It’s ready to please. With spicy salami and hot gooey cheese. A small touch of basil, oregano and chives. A warm bread base, the taste comes alive. Rich red tomato sauce adds a flavour hit. You know…… Continue reading Pizza


Listen to this post as a podcast. Coffee poem by Iris Carden Coffee makes me happy, picks me up when I’m tired. My first cup in the morning, helps me be inspired. When the day is overwhelming, coffee always understands. And when the weather’s cold, the full mug warms my hands. I drink that first…… Continue reading Coffee

People Watching

People Watching poem by Iris Carden The shopping centre was crowded. A wall of noise overwhelmed me. It’s the nature of big places like that. They’re just too people-y. So I sought the quiet, of a cute little coffee shop. With chocolate cake and a coffee, I waited for the anxiety to stop. In this…… Continue reading People Watching

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday poem by Iris Carden Happy birthday to me, I feel a hundred and three. Mid-fifties feel old when lupus takes hold, I’d love a day pain-free. Happy birthday once more, I feel ancient and sore. All my joints ache, and the pills that I take I’m swallowing by the score. Happy birthday, guess…… Continue reading Happy Birthday

Anzac Day

Anzac Day poem by Iris Carden On Anzac Day we’re urged to remember those who died as a price of war, but spare a thought for those who came back, and continue to pay more and more. At the tomb of a soldier unknown remember the known one too. The one disabled, the one in…… Continue reading Anzac Day


April poem by Iris Carden It’s April, in the midst of autumn. The roses burst into glorious bloom. Bright colours fill the garden, air carries delicate scent. The summer heat finally fades, cool nights for rest are made. Lengthening nights, shortening days, milder weather should stop and stay. Time to recover from summer burn. Prepare…… Continue reading April


Sleepless poem by Iris Carden trying to sleep wakefulness watchfulness thoughts turning burning churning sleep a distant dream what if castles in clouds unlikely futures wisps of possibility thoughts creep prevent sleep brain buzzed with fatigue thoughts go on and on and on ambling rambling shambling thoughts won’t turn off won’t stop even newborn babies…… Continue reading Sleepless