Dust poem by Iris Carden “Dust you are and to dust you will return.” I am dust. I am carbon and hydrogen and oxygen and iron and calcium and nitrogen and phosphorus. I am the stuff of soil and rock, of plants and trees and animals, of water and air. I am the stuff of…… Continue reading Dust

Wishing Well

Wishing Well poem by Iris Carden Make a wish and throw a coin into the wishing well. Will your wishes come true? Only time can tell. Will you wish to help a friend? Will you wish for wars to end? Will you wish for cash to spend? Will you wish a rift to mend? Just…… Continue reading Wishing Well


Mushrooms poem by Iris Carden Wild mushrooms will appear in the damp earth after rain. They might be gone for ages, when it’s rained they’re back again. If you step on a mushroom you may hear a satisfying pop, might see fungal explosion, and see no reason to stop. Don’t step on that mushroom that…… Continue reading Mushrooms

Nice Guy

Nice Guy poem by Iris Carden He was a Nice Guy so the bruises when they were showed, were tiny, just fingerprints. A Nice Guy would never hit a woman, so he just yelled at unexpected times and grabbed her very hard instead. He was a Nice Guy so when she complained he would buy…… Continue reading Nice Guy

The Edge

The Edge poem by Iris Carden Everything important has an edge, trust and truth, responsibility, legality, and morality. Some are cautious and stay well back while others forgo their safety. Those who get closer to the edge, will find that they can see: the view is better, the risk is greater. One jump and you…… Continue reading The Edge

Old Books Never Die

Old Books Never Die poem by Iris Carden There’s magic waiting in op shops and second-hand stores. Portals to adventure and mystery to future and history. Portals opened by others but ready for use again, ready to show you what others have seen, ready to take you on the paths where they’ve been. Step into…… Continue reading Old Books Never Die

Red Sky, Black Sky

Red Sky, Black Sky poem by Iris Carden Lightning strikes tree sparks burn brightly. Animals run. It’s just begun. Sparks light dry tree fire spreads quickly Red sky at night bushfire’s alight. Eucalypt oil burns fire roars, runs, turns. Nature is life. It’s death tonight. Black sky morning fire’s still burning. Fire creates wind, wind…… Continue reading Red Sky, Black Sky


Fragile poem by Iris Carden You knew my heart was fragile yet you broke it. You knew the word would hurt yet you spoke it. All that I ever had you just took it. I sent you all my love you forsook it. Now, though bent and broken I carry on. I am so much…… Continue reading Fragile

Vampire’s Kiss

Vampire’s Kiss poem by Iris Carden Awaking from a fevered dream, a memory of mesmerising eyes, a voice, low and strong fading into the night. Lethargy. Overwhelming fatigue. Two small wounds on pale skin, so much paler than before. Blood smear on the pillow. Confusion. A sense of dread desire for something unknown. A window…… Continue reading Vampire’s Kiss