Prednisone Update

Prednisone Update by Iris Carden You might have noticed over the past couple of weeks I’ve missed a few of my deadlines, and substituted expected posts with excerpts from my books. At the same time my reviews in the Week in Review have been much more sparse. What’s happening, you ask? Or you don’t ask…… Continue reading Prednisone Update


Prednisone blog post by Iris Carden I am starting to reduce my prednisone dose. It was my rheumatologist’s suggestion. He told me long-term steroid use has been found to have worse effects than we previously knew. Steroids are so terrible, I’ve heard some lupies refer to them as “the Devil’s Tic Tacs.” One medical website…… Continue reading Prednisone

It’s a Long Way

It’s a Long Way blog post by Iris Carden In the 20th Century (it’s still weird to write that as the past), AC/DC shared their philosophy: “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n’roll.” I’m sure they’re probably right. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t tried being in a rock band. But I…… Continue reading It’s a Long Way

Sneaky Flare

Sneaky Flare blog post by Iris Carden There’s different kinds of lupus flares. There’s the kind that hits you out of nowhere – hits you with sudden pain, exhaustion, sore joints, rashes, headaches, anything else you can think of. There’s the kind that builds up slowly. You’re fine one day, the next a bit of…… Continue reading Sneaky Flare


Fatigue Blog post by Iris Carden I’m exhausted at the moment. Cold weather has been making my joints hurt more than usual. I had my grandchild for most of the week, which made me tired. That makes anyone tired. But add the tiredness of an active child, to the fatigue and pain of lupus, and…… Continue reading Fatigue

Fearing the New

Fearing the New Blog post by Iris Carden I have to see a new rheumatologist in a couple of weeks’ time. There’s no choice. I can’t go back to the old one. He died in the floods in February this year. I’m always anxious when I have to change doctors. Part of that anxiety comes…… Continue reading Fearing the New